What Doctor Zoidberg Would Look Like In Real Life

December 1, 2011


No, I don't wanna wrestle.

This is a rendering of a "lifelike" Doctor Zoidberg created by artist Jared Krichevsky. If the doctor would actually look like this in real life is anybody's guess, but you back over him with my truck and I'll start melting butter in the bathtub just in case. Now -- get your hand in here. Ready? One, two, three, BREAK!

Jared's Website (with an ultra high-res version and a bunch more of his art)
The Real Zoidberg [reddit]
Futurama Fanarama: Realistic, Monstrous Zoidberg [comedycentral]

Thanks to Amy and Dominic, who agree we're just an anthropomorphic cow away from the steak and lobster OF A LIFETIME.

  • Doc

    Aw, why are his clothes all torn up? No wonder he looks so sinister!

  • Greg Baert

    John Fucking Zoidberg!!

  • Guest

    There should be more Bender fan-art posted here. >:{}

  • JonTheTerrible

    That is fucking bad-ass!

  • Eddy hvg

    crazy *ss picture ^_^ he looks like a power ranger monster l0ol

  • Steven Collatos

    they are HIDEOUS!!!! *clack clack clacking of claws*

  • You might have to run over him more than once or have a really big truck.

  • Good news everybody!

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  • a.j.f.d

    You still have a bit saying professor GW...

  • a.j.f.d

    Haha at least give me credit.

  • Dan

    why not zoidberg?

  • drew wilson

    You're not fooling me gw, i saw what you did there.

  • what is going on?

  • Emiyu Park


  • drew wilson

    actually no, he cleared the comments, not only are you a firstard, you are wrong, 4th actually.

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