We Got A Gusher!: Bleeding Zombie Shooting Targets

December 21, 2011


This is a series of "bleeding" zombie targets made by Zombie Industries. They can allegedly stand up to 1,000 rounds and are made of biodegradable "flesh" and pockets of pink blood that ooze when hit. They come in eight different styles, cost $90 ($100 for the ex-wife zombie with a wig) and should have at least been made with red blood. Or green. Or -- and I'm just throwing this out there -- bloody mary's. "Wait -- you'd be willing to drink from a zombie practice target filled with lead?" Are you serious? I'd be willing to drink from a fat man's hairy belly button filled with if it got me drunk.

Hit the jump for a shot of the zombie's dome after a wasteful amount of headshots (God, it only takes one!) and a couple videos of the zombies standing up to an AR-15, ninja sword and chainsaw.


Product Site
Bleeding Zombie Target Dummies: Essential Apocalypse Preparedness [gizmodo]

Thanks to John, who once cut off a zombie's head and says it still ran around for a while like a chicken.

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