Warp Me Awake, STAT: The Mario Pipe Coffee Mug

December 7, 2011


This is the $34 Mario warp pipe coffee mug from Fangamer, the same company that brought us the Mega Man energy tank coffee mug. It makes a great stocking stuffer. Or, should I say, stocking clogger? Get it? Because it's a pipe and sometimes pipes get clogged if you flush too many paper towels and tampons. What? I'M BEING REAL. Plus one time I flushed a pair of dirty underwear because I'd made a mistake in the back and was too embarrassed to have my girlfriend wash them. $140 later the plumbers Roto-Rooted them out and showed them to her anyways. CURSE YOU, MARIO BROS!

Hit the jump for several more shots, including the mug as a (piranha) planter.





Fangamer Product Site

Thanks to Jon, who works for the company but didn't ask for my address to send free swag. WEIRD.

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