USPS Enterprise: Dude's Custom Star Trek Mailbox

December 20, 2011


This is a shot of some Reddit user's uncle's homemade Star Trek mailbox. It's solar powered so it lights up at night to attract highschoolers with bats. I mean, I'd like to THINK they wouldn't smash it, but they would smash it. And if he rebuilt it, they would smash it again. Then, if dude decides to pack it with explosives one night and manages to kill the perps, HE'S the one that would get in trouble. That's the problem with the law today -- there aren't enough provisions for vigilante justice. Let's say some asshat cuts me off while we're driving. Should I NOT be allowed follow him home, do doughnuts in his front yard, then come back that night and cut his brake lines? Okay my lawyer is shaking his head no.

My Uncle has the best mailbox ever! [reddit]
Star Trek Mailbox of the Day []

Thanks to Mark, who agrees the best mailbox is a P.O. one. Haha, I've got one of those! It makes me feel creepy.

  • Audwin Short

    What he should have done was made it of this hard rubber that I saw online that looks like metal. That way when someone tries to smash it, the bat (or whatever) would do a "bounce back" and hit them in the face... Wait, did I see that on "Family Guy"?? hmmm...

  • Most British houses have their letterboxes (mailboxes) in the door. Why do most American houses have them on a pole outside?
    It still looks...alright...not bad...

  • mz001

    Apparently American mailmen are too lazy to walk up a porch.

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