Tough: Kid Extracting Own Tooth With Nerf Gun

December 20, 2011


This is a video of a kid in a sleeveless t-shirt extracting one of his own teeth with a Nerf bow & arrow. way tougher than I was at his age. He asks his dad if it's gonna hurt, his dad tells him he doesn't know, and then the kid blasts his tooth across the room without another word. I would have been all, "Seriously dad, is it?! I don't think I really want to do it anymore." My point is this: that kid is probably wasteful as shit at an all-you-can-eat buffet because there is no way those googly eyes aren't bigger than his stomach.

Hit the jump for the mine always came out when I was eating and I swallowed them. Haha, work for those teeth, Tooth Fairy!


Thanks to Terry, who claims he once extracted the teeth of an enemy with a battleaxe because he's a warrior even though you and I both know he's like a level 2 mage that keeps accidentally shrinking his own peener with spells.

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  • grimbldoo

    That sucker isn't even bleeding, he could have blown it out by breathing. 

  • Guest

    ah, this brings back memories as I kid loosing my milk teeth; they were simply pulled or twisted out...hurting like a weird pinch. It would of been much more fun to tie it to a toy dart gun thing and shoot it out.

  • uma sapa

    Total parenting win, even if fake.

  • RDarker


  • Ebrech Sage

    you all remember placing your fresh fallen tooth back in the spot it used to be at...Don't lie...

  • I call fake.

  • Azariel_z

    me too... probably done AFTER his teeth fell by itself.. 

    " let me see"...close up  no testing   ..mmm..

  • finally got my "first" cherry out of the way, what's this article about now? 


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