Congratulations Fatty: The World's Heaviest Insect

December 1, 2011


Because you're a commenter on the internet, I should probably already assume you're an expert on everything and have known the giant weta of New Zealand is the world's heaviest insect for quite some time. "It's true, we used to catch them on family vacation." YOU ARE A DIRTY LIAR! Anyway, this is the world's heaviest giant weta, recently discovered on New Zealand's Small Barrier Island. *adds to the long list of things I don't want trying to crawl into my ass at night*

A nature-lover has revealed how he spent two days tracking down a giant insect on a remote New Zealand island - and got it to eat a carrot out of his hand.

Mark Moffett's find is the world's biggest insect in terms of weight, which at 71g [~2.5oz] is heavier than a sparrow and three times that of a mouse.

The 53-year-old former park ranger discovered the giant weta up a tree and his real life Bug's Bunny has now been declared the largest ever found.

Good lord. You think Jiminy Cricket has ever had dreams of being transported to an Amazonian island where all the ladies are this big? Because in my mind he has. Plus sawed Pinochio's nose off to give them the loving they deserve. You kinky, Jiminy!

One more shot after the jump.


Meet the world's heaviest insect, which weighs three times more than a mouse... and eats carrots [dailymail]

Thanks to my_density, who I was obviously meant to be with.

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