The Top 10 Most Illegally Downloaded Movies Of 2011

December 28, 2011


This is a list of the top ten most pirated movies of 2011. As you can see, a lot of people strongly believe in not paying to see a movie that's gonna blow but they're committed to watching anyways because they're that f***ing bored. That said, I honestly haven't seen a single movie on this list. Maybe they're all actually good, maybe I just spend too much time at the bar. NO REGRETS. (F***ing tons of regret)

Top 10 Most Pirated Movies of 2011 [torrentfreak]
The Most Pirated Movie of 2011 Really Sucks [gizmodo]

Thanks to Kalina, who doesn't pirate movies, she ninjas them. Holy shit I don't even know what that means but teach me please!

  • Stanley Green

    No porn? WTF? Wait, what am I thinking, you just stream that for five minutes.

  • I downloaded all but 2 of I even paid to see in the movie theater (and regretted)

  • Guest

    Why pirate movies when one can see it for free on the tele.

  • fghierw

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  • cyberslacks

    2 tickets $22.00  2 Large cokes and a bucket of popcorn $28  : )

  • Guest

    What, you don't sneak in snacks?

  • cyberslacks

    nope, just a flask : )

  • Barrett Breshears

    Maybe they shouldn't make such crappy movies, and people would not be worried about wasting their money, and would just buy them.

  • jaime_arg

    9 million downloads and not one of them works in the entertainment industry? There has to be a hypocrite between those 9 million viewers.

  • I see only 2 or 3 that might even be worth checking out.  A lot of people wasted time and bandwidth.

  • Nate Hill

    So, how does HP Deathly Hallow's loose more with fewer downloads?

    I don't get it Big Dan...

  • jaime_arg

    What I don't get is your comment. Please rephrase.

  • KappaDrudge

    It didn't. That number is the gross, how much it made overall, not losses due to pirating.

  • Nate Hill

    oh, you're right... I miss read it.

  • w_qutob

    Na, those movies didn't really lose that much money, because 80% of those people would have never bought the DVDs or gone to the movies to watch them!

    I admit to downloading movies, but have never bought a DVD, and only go to the movies once every other month. I usually watch movies on TV or borrow friends DVDs. 

  • Same here.  I've downloaded the occasional movie (total lie; more than occasional), but were I not able to download them, I would not go out and buy them, or bother trying to watch them in any other capacity (even on TV).

  • Tyler Mussman

    See guys?  These movies earn no money at all when  you pirate. 

    Hopefully SOPA passes so the poor movie studios can finally make a profit.

  • JCB5150

    I have 8 out of 10. 

  • jaime_arg

    I hope the 2 you left out were Fast Five and I Am #4

  • Stephen Dias

    I hope you arent part of the RT community

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