The Sky Is Falling!: Real Life Spaceball Lands In Africa

December 23, 2011


Seen here looking suspiciously like a robot turd, an unknown metallic sphere crashed to the ground in a remote area of Namibia, stirring a 'The Gods Must Be Crazy' moment for the locals. Well, at least in my mind it did.

When the ball came down it caused a crater 12 inches deep and 13ft wide, although it was found some 60ft away.

It weighs around 13lbs, has a diameter of 14 inches and its rough surface looks like 'two halves welded together', said police forensics director Paul Ludik.

Locals claimed to have heard several explosions in the days before it was discovered by a farmer on his land.

Unfortunately, the sphere is believed to be a hydrazine tank from a satellite, which sounds realistic, albeit nowhere near as exciting as an alien probe. Put it in my butt anyways, DO IT NOW. (Arguably the best line written on a blog ever)

The mystery ball from space: Experts baffled by metal sphere that crashed to Earth in remote area of Namibia [dailymail]

Thanks to James, who would have been waiting in the field with a baseball bat ready to send that thing back where it came from. Aww hell naw you littering-ass aliens *CA-CRACK!*

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