The New World's Shortest Woman Is Only 24" Tall

December 16, 2011


Her sari was made out of a fancy napkin, (not) true story.

Man, I know you're not supposed to stare but this photo is FREAKING ME OUT. How would you like to see that burst out of a cupboard and parachute to the ground with a Doritos bag? I would NOT. Yes, yes I would. Meet 18-year old Jyoti Amge, the world's new shortest woman, standing at only 62.8 centimeters (24.7 inches) tall and...f***, that picture is blowing my mind.

A teary-eyed Amge, dressed in one of her finest saris, called the honor an "extra birthday present" and said she felt grateful for being small, as it had brought her recognition. After receiving a plaque, she and her guests cut a birthday cake.

Yes, she cut a cake BIGGER THAN HER. Rumor has it she took the leftovers home and won't have to buy groceries until 2013. But seriously, Jyoti, I wish you all the best. What I don't wish is that you're in my closet hiding in a shoebox ready to spring out and give me a heartattack.

Hit the jump for two more shots, but follow the link for a whole bunch more.



World's shortest woman wants to be Bollywood star [yahoonews]

Thanks to Mike "Holy crap, a 24.7 inch 18 year old", who agrees she'll never be too heavy for piggyback ride.

  • Can we all get shrunk to two feet?  Imagine how much more space it would seem like we have!  Well, at least for a while. But at least our wars over resources will be as adorable as they are tragic.

  • i am crushing hard...

  • tangina kabaho nyan bumbay eh

  • i feel like every guy reading this is thinking, "I'd Wreck that..."

  • Job Genders

    After shooting your load onto her face, she will drown LOL

  • Libby Lala

     I think I am IN LOVE with the dude who wrote this. Funny stuff.

  • Tan

    I like that when you try to save the picture it's named

  • Monochromatyczny Wojownik

    imagine her riding the elephant... it would look like she's Haradrim riding on the Oliphant!

  • steven worley

    yea I would,, but I would be very careful. does that make me the strange one.

  • Audwin Short

    No way! She's like Pinocchio's little Hindu sister...

  • I'm not surprised at all to see that people want to have sex with this girlwoman.

  • AnimusVox

    Lol funny how some comments turned sexual haha

  • Guest

    As cool as this is, im sorry that is still slightly creepy

  • Zielinski!!!

  • Aww,she's cute

  • Davidsadi

    lmao shes cute!! her plaque is almost as big as her

  • atisss

    She could be a porn star.. In the big dick movie.. I guess the dick could be bigger than she is :p

  • Guest

    that was bad taste...

  • atisss

    why? you know that small girls are popular in big dick movies


    She's the size of my dick, how would that work?

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