The Flyboard: A Water-Powered Jetpack For Your Feet

December 7, 2011


The Flyboard from Zapata Racing is basically a water powered jetpack similar to this one that this guy used to almost eat a dock, except for your feet. So, in summary, exact same thing but strapped to your feet. I guess it's all a matter of personal taste, are you more of a jetpack or jetboot kind of person? Personally, I couldn't care less, just as long as it gets me to the moon. "What about a rocket powered buttplug?" Depends -- is it impossible to put in backwards? I AIN'T GETTIN' BURNT LIKE LAST TIME.

Hit the jump for a video, including some worthwhile human dolphin action at 0:40.

The Flyboard water jet pack is pretty freaking cool [nbc]

Thanks to martin, G, Desmond (OMG -- FROM LOST?!) and gnomby, who have all ridden firetruck hoses before.

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