Darth's Angels: Stormtrooper Motorcycle Leathers

December 8, 2011


: you don't want to fall off one. But if you do you want to be well protected. Also, riding on pillows. Enter UD Replica's (of Dark Knight and Iron Man 2 leathers fame) Storm Trooper Motorcycle Suits. They're leather, make you look like a Storm Trooper riding a speeder bike Suzuki, and will cost $1,100 when they come out next year. Also costing $1,100 when they come out next year? The shots I'm gonna sell to the tabloids of my first born child. "And why would they buy those?" Because it's gonna be Santa's.

Hit the jump for closeups as well as some X-Men and Daredevil leathers that are also available.







Product Site
Stormtrooper Motorcycle Suits: At Last I Can Join the Sith's Angels Gang [technabob]

Thanks to dunc, Jimmy T and Max, who ride their motorcycles the old fashioned way: in a sidecar. OH F*** -- I love sidecars!

  • mickeymcginnes

    only It's not safe to hang out with him, and he would also be surprised at your age if you haven't told him. Just tell. Spiderman Costume Jacket

  • Mike Rooney

    I really like all stormtrooper motorcycle leather jacket.

  • Kamal Ahmad Khan

    Why not only get the jacket. check out http://www.leathermadness.com

  • Ken Davies

    Well, I just bought the white Stormtrooper suit. It costs less than the ABS one I built for Halloween. That's right, I really like Halloween. I even sewed a Princess Leia costume for my daughter and she trick-or-treats as my prisoner. No, not the bikini, the white gown you sick sons of... But I digress.
    Anyone want to buy an ABS Stormtrooper outfit? I'll need the money to pay rent on a batchelor apartment when my wife sees the Visa bill and kicks me out of the house.

  • Daredevil? Srsly? Is there someone who thinks that movie is worth honoring?

    No fault on the other ones, except I kinda wished they had shown the updated (predated?) X-Men: First Class suits.

  • I look forward to seeing an entire group of motorcyclists dressed as stormtroopers. I need pictures of that!

  • Soylent Green Is People

    Shouldn't the Stormtrooper one really be the Endor (speed-bike) Stormtrooper outfit from Return of the Jedi?

  • Emmitt Morgans

    I'm actually surprised how accurate white leather can be made into a Stormtrooper outfit... and I kinda want one! :P

  • Hmm yes, a Daredevil set. For those who enjoy driving their motorcycle like a blind guy.

  • karasuKumo

    Pretty cool but unless you're riding with at least five or more people dressed the same way you are just going to look like a total creep. Also if people don't recognize the Daredevil one you will look really ... fabulous.

  • Southern Charm

    Darth Claus... Santa brings leathers to the Republic

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