Starting Young: Creepy Baby Joker Action Figure

December 28, 2011


This is a little 1/6 scale Joker kid action figure. I'm not sure if it's a real product for sale or not, but you weren't going to buy one anyways so who cares. Just look at the pictures, go "that's cool", and we can all move on with our lives. Except me, I've got some serious hangups.

Hit the jump for whole bunch more pictures and some links in case you want to try chasing this thing down the rabbit hole.

UPDATE: Found a place to pre-order. Ships around February 15th for $108. Included link after jump.











Product Site

Please let this Joker Jr. Doll inspire a Dark Knight Babies line [io9]

Thanks to carrie, who agrees if there's one toy you don't want coming to life in the middle of the night, it's this guy still Chucky.

  • JJ

    Where's the switch blade knife accessory? It's just a toy peeps.
    Guess all I can say is....."Why so serious?"

  • Janel Smith-McClain

    Is is bad that I think the doll is less creppy with the joker head on than the normal kid head?

  • glad to see our product here and know you guys like it.

  • DoubleP90

    Want :D

  • That is so cute. He could sit next to my Living Dead dolls.
    But it's a bit too expensive for me.

  • Audwin Short

    What kind of a pervert freakshow is this?  Why is there one with his pants down? As a fan (yet non-fan) of The Joker, this is ridiculous. And whoever created it probably has this kid somewhere in their basement...


    Shortwave Industries:  We like weird, but not creepy...

  • cocoa


  • cocoa

    why's there one with the kid with his pants around his ankles?

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