Sounds Low: Males At Sexual Peak Think About Sex 19 Times A Day, Sandwiches 18 Times

December 6, 2011


I remember hearing in my youth that males in their sexual peak thought about sex, on average, every seven seconds. Me? I was every five and that doesn't even include the times I was only thinking about titties. But now a new study from Ohio State University claims the actual average is less than 20 times per day, only slightly beating out(!) thoughts of food. Mmmm, sandwiches.

the research discredits the persistent stereotype that men think about sex every seven seconds, which would amount to more than 8,000 thoughts about sex in 16 waking hours.

In the study, the median number of young men's thought about sex stood at almost 19 times per day.

Young women in the study reported a median of nearly 10 thoughts about sex per day.

As a group, the men also thought about food almost 18 times per day and sleep almost 11 times per day, compared to women's median number of thoughts about eating and sleep, at nearly 15 times and about 8 1/2 times, respectively.

Interesting, Ohio State. I'm just glad to see a subject like human sexuality finally being treated with the scientific respect and analytical approach it's been missing for so boobs vagina intercourse!

Men don't really think about sex 'every seven seconds' - just 19 times a day [dailymail]

Thanks to Peter, who admitted he thinks about getting home to play Skyrim waaaaay more than anything else.

  • M4Lfuncti0n

    How do they keep track of this to actually study it? I would think that this would be affected by the Uncertainty Principle, because I know if I'm supposed to write down how many times a day I thought of sex, I would think about it more often.

  • Southern Charm

    I'd do her, and the sandwhich

  • i just want to know what kind of sandwich that is in the picture above and where can i get one?

  • Southern Charm


  • Guest

    I doubt that each intimate thought involves the same person.

  • Dom Barlow

    Fascinating as this article is, you guys really should know better than to link to anything by the Daily "Ban These Evil Games" Mail. They're pretty much the British equivalent of Fox News. Worse, even. Not a news source to be trusted to say the least.

  • Girls at Ohio State must be prudes or liars, that is far too seldom.

  • Vivek Sharma

    hay sex si

  • Guyllaume Maheu

    @ James A : Thumb up.

    Thanks to Peter, who admitted he thinks about getting home to play Skyrim waaaaay more than anything else.


  • Ryan Boyce

    If guys actually thought about sex every 7 seconds, American football would be a lot more awkward...

  • Southern Charm

    As if a duck showing up to sell insurance in between each quarter wasn't awkward.  Further more, since he keeps showing up, it means that this works for men to sell insurance just as well as half naked women works to sell beer.

  • James A

    I'm pretty sure this article just told me Men use their brains more than Women.

  • Southern Charm

    I am very sure this article just told me women think about eating more than sex which proves to me they are the lazier sex.

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