Some Guy Starts Lightsaber Assault At Toys R Us

December 16, 2011


Picture related: same color sabers.

33-year old (young?) David Allen Canterbury was arrested Wednesday night after somebody called 911 because he was swinging two blue lightsabers at customers in an Oregon Toys R Us. can get arrested for that? Been there, done that, thought the worst that could happen would be getting asked to leave, amirite?!

Officers tried to arrest Canterbury, but he kept swinging the lightsabers at them, Simpson said. One officer tried to use his Taser but the device didn't work.

Another officer used his Taser, but Canterbury knocked one of the wires away with a lightsaber.

Whoa whoa whoa -- two attempted taserings and they both failed? I never thought I'd say it, but this goofy f***er might have actually been wielding the Force!

Hillsboro man held after alleged 'Star Wars' light saber assault at Portland Toys R Us [oregonlive]

Thanks to DragonKatt and Evil Ares, who have never attacked patrons at a toy store before but have ridden bikes up and down the aisles. Ha, I still do that.

  • I love my state...

  • Monochromatyczny Wojownik

    next day, someone will get arrested for shooting people with a nerf gun. Will they call swat's for him? 

  • uma sapa

    The cops where thinking "My god, he has TWO of them... TWO! What will we do now?"

    Gosh, they are freaking toys he has in his hands. Just tackle the sucker! No need for teasers. JUST TACKLE THE SUCKER! Unless he had a Sith robe, then just run away.

  • lunatic lol

  • megaluis15

    i can only imagine what the cops were thinking when both tasers failed hahaha

    this isn't the dude we're looking for.

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