SNL's Steve Buscemi As Commissioner Gordon Skit

December 6, 2011


Saturday Night Live has been sucking so hard lately I doubt they even know which way is up anymore, but this week's Steve Buscemi episode was the best they've done in awhile. Obviously, the success can be credited entirely to Steve because every episode he wasn't on this season blew. It's called the scientific method, folks, I practice that shit. No, no I don't. But I do practice witchcraft and stripping in front of a mirror before bed at night. *grinding bedpost in nothing but a shrunken head talisman* You like that, Teddy? You like what you see, Mr. Bear? I OWN YOUR SOUL.

Hit the jump for arguably the best thing to come out of SNL this season. Oh -- and stop recycling those shitty fake commercials. You really can't produce two extra minutes of material a week after rehashing three entire skits that weren't funny the first time?

Batman Begins (Having Boundary Issues) [toplessrobot]

Thanks to Matt, da joker, Allison and Sal, who made their own Bat-Signals to cry wolf and now Batman won't even come out of his cave anymore. Thanks guys, really. WE'RE ALL F***ING DEAD!

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