Smoking Piranha Plants: Custom Super Mario Bong

December 20, 2011


This is a custom blown Super Mario Bros. bong. As you can see, it looks like Mario is either stoned out of his mind and/or tripping on shrooms. No idea who made the piece or who it belongs to, so we're gonna have to put on our detective hats and do a little investigating. *examining picture with magnifying glass* Whoa -- my computer screen is made out of a bunch of little dots! That's crazy. Ooh, here's a clue -- the owner clearly carved his lover's name 'APRIL' into the coffee table. Which -- holy shit it's Michelangelo's.

Put This in Your Pipe: Super Mario Bros Glass Bong [obviouswinner]

Thanks to Sparklebottom, who may or may yes wipe with craft glitter.

  • David Angel Lopez

    where could i get that?

  • N

    I'm almost positive this is B&D Glassworks' Daniel Ottone of Warren, RI. It's on their Facebook page and captioned as their own. They could just be taking credit for it (because it's such an awesome piece, right?), but they're nice guys and I personally don't want to believe that.

  • Bob Loblaw

    Since Worm in Colorado makes the quartz noodle like that, i'm guessing he did the piece. i have a puddle dome of his so i recognize the work.

  • aRANDOMkindOFthing

    Doesn't Mario look like Luigi just with Mario's clothes on?

  • sjokolademelk

    That was one scary mario. That little plumber would fuck up any mushroom trip

  • locke

    Well, if they actually bought the piece there, they have waaaaay too much money to be living in that shithole. and they live in chicago. the place they got the piece from is called made. and some of the pipes they sell are priced at 6000 dollars. which is just nuts.

  • DubsMcpuffen

    This is a custom rig made by bob the glass blower. I can't tell you how much the rig would go for, but I have one of his oil domes, and it's priced relatively cheap, compared to a lot of headyglass of similar quality.

  • Somebody went all out. That is pretty cool. I wish I had a hookah that looked like that.

  • ryan palmer

    artist is BTGB glass

  • shaunclewis2

    Just me, or does Mario look more like Luigi dressed as Mario?

  • aRANDOMkindOFthing

    I just commented that and then read this haha. 
    Yeah, I was thinking the same thing. 

  • Dinosaur Rex

    Well luigi is so baked he can't even remember which brother he is.

  • space station

  • What's a bong?

  • That's no bong.. it's an erl rig

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