Sleigh-er: Christmas Lights Set To Metal Music

December 7, 2011


This is a series of videos from Christmas lights hanger/Youtuber lacycute20 (aka Bobby, aka nice Youtube handle brobro) of this year's light shows choreographed to metal songs. Hit the jump for performances by Slayer, Machinehead, Kittie, as well as last year's (including a Pantera number) in case you missed them. God, it really gets you in the holiday spirit, doesn't it? No? Well maybe you just need a little Christmas cheer. "You mean the eggnog and brandy you've been drinking out of that coffee mug all morning?" I have a nog-mustache, don't I?

Hit the jump and get your holiday headbang on.


Thanks to navin, who actually came up with the Sleigh-er thing but doesn't hang Christmas lights because it sucks taking them down. HA! That's why you leave them up.

  • Paul Halliday

    Sleigh-er was the best!

  • Juan Ruiz

    It's awesome for me

  • This_Update_Sucks

    He should have just done Slayer and Pantera.

  • And they say the economy in the dumps. Christmas lights cost a fourtune.

  • Lars Söderberg

    I always think of the Doom 1/2 when I hear this genre. The songs in those games were inspired by it and if you listen to e.g. the drums in the upmost Slayer song, it's exactly the same as one of the songs in Doom.

  • This_Update_Sucks

    The Doom song is the chorus from Metallica's "No Remorse". Good ear though.

  • Michael Lukic

    the Song is South of Heaven on the Slayer song

  • The concept was cool but the result is, meh. The singing snowman was sort of cute though (tries to be encouraging).

  • Pretty underwhelming. What would have really been cool, though... Is if he had constructed a huge platform that rose out of the sea so high in the air that they needed to broadcast the performing band over TV to the live audience below, and if those TVs were mounted on giant revolving axes mounted atop four even bigger obelisks. That would have been something. This? I've seen better.

  • Edwin Kua

    And this post is gay

  • Edwin Kua


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