Skyrim Mod To Perform Dragon Shouts IRL w/ Mic

December 12, 2011


These are a couple videos from Geekologie Reader/Skyrim lover Benjamin S. of a mod he created that allows the PC version of the game to accept dragon shout commands through a microphone. The first video is of him briefly talking about the mod and demonstrating it, the second, longer (and laggier) one is of an earlier version being used during battle. I mean shit -- you're already yelling at the screen anyways, why not put it to good use? *GW casts FUFUFUFUUUUUUUUUU RAGE-QUIT*

Hit the jump for the videos and a link to the download page if you wanna try for yourself.

Mod Download Site

Thanks to Benjamin, who's inspired me to work double-time on topless mod. DRAAAAGONTEATS!

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