See-Thru Santa: X-Rayed Christmas Tree And Gifts

December 23, 2011


This a shot of an actual Christmas tree taken by x-ray photographer Nick Veasey. Let's see here...a pair of shoes, a watch, booze, a wrench set, a camera, perfume and a smartphone. Not a bad haul! Me? I'm hoping for a bunch of airplane bottles and lotto scratchers. You know, that classy shit. Let me down and die, fat man!

Hi the jump in case you ever wondered what an x-ray of a present containing high heels looks like. I know I was curious.


X-Ray X-Mas Tree Is X-tra Neat [gizmodo]

Thanks to christie, who finds out what her presents are the old fashioned way: tearing off the wrapping paper when no one is looking and re-wrapping the gifts before she gets caught.

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