See-Thru Santa: X-Rayed Christmas Tree And Gifts

December 23, 2011


This a shot of an actual Christmas tree taken by x-ray photographer Nick Veasey. Let's see here...a pair of shoes, a watch, booze, a wrench set, a camera, perfume and a smartphone. Not a bad haul! Me? I'm hoping for a bunch of airplane bottles and lotto scratchers. You know, that classy shit. Let me down and die, fat man!

Hi the jump in case you ever wondered what an x-ray of a present containing high heels looks like. I know I was curious.


X-Ray X-Mas Tree Is X-tra Neat [gizmodo]

Thanks to christie, who finds out what her presents are the old fashioned way: tearing off the wrapping paper when no one is looking and re-wrapping the gifts before she gets caught.

  • Christof Munoz

    @hush04 I agree, and I'm going to be specific as to why.
    This is a cute picture, but completely unbelievable.
    1. The presents are all aranged parallel to the picture plane, not wrapped around the trunk of the tree.
    2. The tree is in a tree holder that apparently has no legs.
    3. Gravity does not affect the shoes, in which the top shoe should be weighing the upper shoe down upon the lower shoe.
    4. If the wrenches are so perfectly spaced, they'd have to be held in place by rotomolded plastic, in which case the thickness of the plastic around the wrenches should be nearly as thick as the plastic at the borders of the box.
    Am I being a troll about this guy's art? No. If he had billed his art as "simulation of X-ray of Christmas tree and gifts" it would be fine, but if we are expected to believe this is an ACTUAL x-ray, well bullshit and poor craftsmanship, because it's clear you did the bare minimum.

  • That looks to perfect to be real... or rather, shit is never just laid out like that IRL.

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  • Tara Van Meter

    Very cool. I hope you have a Merry Christmas GW, and I hope everything you want is under your tree on Christmas Morning! Keep up the great work!

  • I read that as X Rated Christmas tree. Now I'm disappointed.

    Happy Christmas GW!

  • dooferz88

    Seriously GW, do you just run down articles has published and choose what you're going to throw up on here? I'm not one to bark "old" or complain that multiple websites have the same content, but the uniqueness of geekologie has long gone astray and idk if we'll ever get it back. If nothing else the fact that in 25 minutes only 1 person has commented and there hasn't been a fight of "FIRST" should be enough evidence that something isn't working.

    Also, wtf is up with this signing in bullshit to post?

  • I guess the camera and the smart phone are useless now. Lol. Kidding, but slightly possible.

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