Scientists Develop Self Cleaning/Deodorizing Clothes

December 16, 2011


Picture related: future clothes.

Scientists have developed a method of inexpensively creating cotton fabrics that clean and deodorize themselves when exposed to sunlight. That way, the next time somebody asks when was the last time you washed your jeans you can say honestly say NEVER -- I'm grody as shit and I live in squalor!

Mingce Long and Deyong Wu say that their fancy cotton fibers have a coating of titanium dioxide and nitrogen, that kills microbes and breaks down dirt when exposed to sunlight. Additional nanoparticles using silver and iodine are used to accelerate the discoloration process. They even claim that the coating is robust enough to withstand repeated washing and drying, although I thought the whole point was that you wouldn't need to do that anymore.

I mean, MAYBE. It might not be a bad idea for suits or t-shirts or something but they definitely shouldn't make underwear out of it. I don't care how long you hang a pair of boxers outside, that turd ain't coming out till it rains. TRUST ME (I don't have a washer).

Toss out your washer, scientists invent self-cleaning clothes [dvice]

Thanks to Rev Dr Dom and Luce, who wash their clothes the old fashioned way: in the river with a stick. Um, you do know some people still have to do that, right?

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    I wonder if it's any better than the silver threads. Though they say it can withstand multiple washes,   the titanium whatever can go into the ecosystem and kill good microbes, bacteria, etc. Plus, if you leave anything out in the sun, UV light breaks down the odor molecules and microbes anyway, so to call these things special because they are "sun activated" is just kinda lame.

  • Here is the image you should have used.
    At least that film is about the same subject.

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  • Hahahaha...there is no hell! Hahahaha! Cretin! Haha!

  • Alfredo Barral

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    does it come in cum rag size?

  • if you need a piece of cloth for a cum rag that deodorizes and disinfects... you need a new habit

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