Sci-Fi/Fantasy Franchise Internet Fandom Infographic

December 21, 2011


Note: This only shows Star Wars and Harry Potter. But you wanna know how Pokemon, Twilight, Dr. Who and Star Trek stack up, right? Click HERE, RIGHT HERE DAMMIT for the whole thing.

This is an infographic comparing various sci-fi/fantasy franchises based on their internet presence. Things like number of Facebook likes, fan-fiction submissions and Wiki entries. Apparently Harry Potter is the big winner though, which I'm okay with since it wasn't Twilight. Although I was a little disappointed Jurassic Park didn't even make the cut. Come on, I've written over 20,000 pieces of fan-fiction myself. I met a t-rex at a bar, we boned. I wrote about it in my diary. Haha, there's 19,999 more where that came from! (It came straight from my heart is the thing)

Internet Fandom Infographic of the Day []

Thanks to Mark and carlo, who were both pissed Lord of the Rings didn't make the list and may or may yes be into hobbit fantasies.

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  • The fact that twilight beats any of them is just depressing.

  • That's just depressing T_T

  • Name not given

    I know!  They have nothing about My Little Pony at all!

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