Schmexy!: Iffy Push-Up Bra Print Advertisement

December 15, 2011


Just check out this hot little number. Pretty schmexy right? WRONG! She needs to eat a damn cheeseburger is what she needs to do. Well, that, AND NOT BE A DUDE. Haha -- and you were looking at him! That makes you at least half gay right now.

Andrej Pejic, a man with no breasts at all, is the star of a lingerie ad campaign promoting push-up bras. Modeling for Dutch company Hema, Pejic wears the brand's Mega Push-Up Bra (just 20 euros!) underneath two different v-neck dresses.

Pejic's agent, Joseph Tenni, told Frockwriter, "It's revolutionary... I've never known a man to do a women's lingerie campaign before.

Sadly, I don't need a push-up bra to give the illusion of breasts. Or anything really, because they're not an illusion. Most of the time I wish they were, but whenever I look down, nope, there they are -- right between a B and a C.

Andrej Pejic Models Push-Up Bras For Hema

Thanks to Princess Yum-Yum, who has large au naturel taytays that could make a Geekologie Writer weep. It's true too, I'm crying -- HARD.

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