Reimagining The Mario Bros Player Select Screen

December 1, 2011


This is a short animation of a re-imagined Super Mario Bros. player select screen in gritty 3-D with an environmental twist by digital artist Jonathan Fletcher. Obviously, I would play the hell out of that if it were real. Also, have nightmares. "Nightmares or wet dreams?" Ha, that depends on what the princess looks like. "You mean Yoshi?" Yes, yes I do.

Hit the jump for the MAKE IT REAL, MAKE IT REAL NOW.

Jonathan's Website (with a bunch more video game art)
I'd play the f*** out of this if it were real [reddit]

Thanks to Marshall McSpankLordBurgerNuggetTestifabulous, who is obviously some sort of royalty.

  • Malcolm Fried

    LOL at how nobody see's the clear BP references 

  • YoYoBall

    This is the most amazing Mario Bro's game I've ever seen since Super Mario bros for NES and I've played every single one after that.  I would definately play this until I lose my job and brag about losing my job to the neighborhood so they can be jealous that I was playing the new "Super Mario Bros -Gulf of Mexico-" on my brand new Wii U and did it while I looked through their garbage at night and found some homemade sex tapes because I can take it with me and play it on my controller!!!!   YYYEEEEEEHHHHH  HHHHAAAAAAAWWWWWW!!!  Sorry... got carried away.  I would really hope this game sure gets out before I die or else I would haunt the hell out of the nearest Nintendo store!  I Promise not to bother the customers.  ;p


    Casper Jr.

    P.s. Love how Bowser is connected with the BP sign under his name on the oily pipes! ahahahah!

  • Operation_Impending_Doom

    Damn it. Troll'd.

  • yo thats not cool

  • Took me a few minutes to realise what Luigi was carrying.
    Also, Wario is the fat one, Mario is just a bit podgy.

  • Jay Kidd

    Lol. It's kinda weird seeing Jon's work outside of TGC, but it's pretty awesome!

  • Mandy86

    I never thought of Mario as fat. I always thought he was normal size, and Luigi was just grossly tall and skinny.

  • This is pretty rad. Thanks for sharing! [Rampaged]

  • This is great! Thanks for sharing. [Rampaged]

  • Javier Ruiz

    Did anyone else think of Heavy and Scout?

  • amazing. :me gusta:

  • Tom Legere

    His website is a geekologie post about billboards?

  • Josh Hearl



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