R/C Car Does 100MPH Right Out Of The Box

December 2, 2011


This is Traxxas' new 1/7-scale electric XO-1, the first ready-to-run (no assembly required) R/C car capable of doing a real (not scale) 100MPH fresh out of the box. But you're gonna need an actual raceway to drive the thing, because a Wal-Mart parking lot isn't gonna cut it at 100MPH. The speed demon goes 0-60 in 2.3 seconds and 100 in 4.92. That's...pretty fast. So fast you probably won't even see it hit the wall. It costs $1,100 and requires an iPhone or iPod Touch to plug into the controller to unlock its 100MPH potential and provide a real-time tuning/data-tracking utility. Oh man, all this R/C car talk is really taking me back. My brother Frank and I used to build them from kits growing up. His were always turned out badass, but mine...mine never seemed to work. "Because you're an idiot." My brother Frank, ladies and gentlemen!

Hit the jump for a video of the thing being demoed on an actual racetrack.

Official Product Site

Thanks to torquelover, who seriously loves some torque. Me? I love cake and pie.

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