Quality: Woman Has Pen Removed From Stomach After 25 Years, Still Writes

December 21, 2011


A granny in England recently had a writing pen removed from her stomach after being there for over 25 years and doctors were amazed to find it still writes. You know, because that's the first thing doctors do after pulling something out of somebody: see if it still works. *considers jamming lipstick up my ass for the lulz*

Apparently the woman was using the pen to push down her tongue while checking out tonsils back in 1986. She stumbled while stretching to look in the mirror, and managed to swallow the pen in the process. The pen didn't cause any discomfort, so eventually she simply forgot about it.

Whoa whoa whoa -- I don't know about you, but if I swallowed a pen I wouldn't be forgetting about it, I would be FREAKING THE F*** OUT. *dialing 911* Holy shit man, I reaaaally don't wanna pass this thing -- get me to a doctor, STAT!

Pen removed from woman's stomach still works after 25 years [dvice]

Thanks to c-nasty, who once swallowed a chopstick and shit what looked like a shish-kabob. Okay you're disgusting.

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