Protect Your Breasts: Superhero Breast Check PSAs

December 14, 2011


This is a small series of superheroine public service announcements reminding you ladies to regularly check your breasts for breast cancer. And I couldn't agree more. Boobs are one of nature's most precious gifts, and it brings a tear to my eye even thinking about losing a single tit to cancer. You gotta check those mammaries, ladies. *waiting* I meant now -- DO IT NOW! *air-motorboating*

Hit the jump for three others but follow the link for full-res versions.




Wonder Woman, Storm and She-Hulk fondling their breasts [copyranter]
Superheroine Breast Cancer Awareness Ads []

Thanks to Mark, who allegedly motorboated She-Hulk once and required medical attention.

  • jonathanfincher

    Not looking forward to the inevitable prostate check ads.

  • Audwin Short

    Wow, I can't help but to laugh.  However, if you want to appeal to that small comic book FanGirl demographic, this definitely would do it. Breast Cancer is SO wrong by the way...

  • BOOBS!!!!

  • hot and a good message. Win, win 

  • kengao1989

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  • KappaDrudge

    I can't imagine Cat Woman, Storm, or Wonder Woman are getting the best results feeling through leather and metal like that. 

  • Carlos Albarran

    What? no Power-girl or Ms. Marvel? :(

  • MorningPanda

    I kind of feel like She-Hulk should be checked for alzheimer's.

    "Just busted through a wall. Better check for breast cancer"

  • Ladies, if you need a friend to assist in this, I'm always willing to lend a helping hand (or two)

  • stupid and played out

  • Just like you! :*

  • Henrik Gamborg

    Oh snap :D

  • uma sapa

    They are boob-tiful

  • This is like... the greatest thing ever. 

  • really? not a single fanboy has made an inappropriate comment yet?

  • ::Insert inappropriate fanboy comment here::

  • thank you, i was worried there for a bit...

  • Hold on a moment...
    They're fine, but thanks for reminding me.
    I think I like the She-Hulk one best.

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