Protect The Dream House!: Zombie Attack Barbie

December 1, 2011


This is a fake Zombie Attack Barbie designed by Sarah Anne Langton to encourage young girls to hone their undead survival skills. Because if there's one thing that won't save you from a zombie uprising, it's just being pretty. As you can see, she comes with a beret, one-piece swimsuit (zombies are afraid of water), pink camouflage bazooka, two dildos, a katana and...some sort of wooden fetish paddle. Zombies HATE being kinky. Also, garlic. "You're thinking of vampires." No, I'm thinking of taking a nap in my car at lunch, but nice try.

Sarah's Website
Zombie Attack Barbie [laughingsquid]

Thanks to Mary, who played with one of these growing up and can now field-strip and reassemble an M-16 in under a minute.

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