Princess Leia Hair Bun Headphone Covers

December 22, 2011


Etsy seller JacquieLongLegs (aka Jacquie Coe) is selling these homemade Princess Leia/Vespa hair bun headphone covers. They come in brunette, blonde and ginger and will set you back an undisclosed amount of space bucks because there aren't currently any active listings. Possibly because they were this year's MUST HAVE stocking stuffer. Ooooor because Jacquie got tired of gluing chunks of wig to hair nets.

Each purchase comes with two 6-inch in diameter buns with mesh backing, ready to glue permanently or attach temporarily to your own headphones (instructions come in package). Yes, you can also attach the buns to your own hair because bobby pins exist.

Alternatively, glue a pair of cinnamon rolls to your headphones. "But you'll eat them!" Damn yeah I will -- THEN FLOSS WITH YOUR HAIR. "Jesus, please tell me you don't drink spit." Only if it has the little bubbles in it.

Hit the jump for several more shots and a link to the Etsy store.




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Thanks Jacquie, now how about a balding version for yours truly?

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