Playing (Music) With Fire: The Pyro Board

December 15, 2011


This is the Pyro Board, a tabletop filled with flammable gas and soundwaves being pumped through it. Depending on the frequency, the table makes different flame patterns. No word if playing death metal with produce a pentagram and burn your house to the ground, but if I hear any Katie Parry coming out of that thing I'll send a Molotov cocktail through a window and do it my got-damn self. And -- AND -- show zero zero remorse afterward. "Hey GW, don't you feel bad about that time you burnt th..." NOPE, do it again in a heartbeat.

Hit the jump for the fiery performance.

This Pyro Board Display Uses Tiny Flames as Pixels [gizmodo]

Thanks to Quentin, who once set a guitar on fire and smashed it but got suspended plus had to reimburse the music department for the guitar. Sucks.

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