Picture Guide to "Every Significant Bat-Suit Ever"

December 27, 2011


Note: There have definitely been more than five suits, click HERE to see all 35.

This is an infographic created by Benjamin Andrew Moore for Screenrant depicting every "significant" Bat-Suit ever. What are you trying to say, Benjamin -- the Bat-Suits I sketched on bar napkins weren't significant enough for you?! Because they were significant enough to convince a girl to come home with me!

Geekologie Writer: *showing doodle* Yeah, even as we speak my buddy Lucius is making me a new suit like this, it's gonna be pretty badass.
Bored Girl: You're telling me Batman is actually an overweight blogger and drinks cheap domestic beer?
Geekologie Writer: *sipping Mickeys* If the shoe fits.
Bored Girl: You're wearing flip-flops.
Geekologie Writer: My Bat-boots give me swamp-foot! *Batarangs window, dives into street*

"I thought you said she went home with you." I...am a liar. I'm not really Batman either. I'm Aquaman.

Batman Infographic: Every (Significant) Bat-Suit Ever [screenrant]

Thanks to Charlie and nick, who swear Alfred told them Robin likes to try on Batman's dirty clothes whenever he's out of the mansion. Ha, of COURSE he does (I would too is the thing).

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