OriHime, The Sexy Posing Avatar Robot DIE DIE DIE

December 27, 2011


This is ORLY? OriHime, a little robotic avatar designed to be controlled by your partner during a video chat. Because if there's one thing a person wants to see, it's a little robot touching its breast when they hear a man pretending to be a woman moaning "I'm touching my breast" when they're cybering. OMG -- cybering! Do people still do that? I remember when webcams were first catching on I thought there was more to it than just masturbating in front of your computer. SPOILER: there isn't. I dunno, I thought you were like plugged in or something. Nope, just a guy with his dong in his hand. "Wait -- a guy?" I was COMPARING.

Hit the jump for a short video of the absolutely not in action.

OriHime Robot Strikes Sexy Robot Poses [technabob]

Thanks to billy, who

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