OriHime, The Sexy Posing Avatar Robot DIE DIE DIE

December 27, 2011


This is ORLY? OriHime, a little robotic avatar designed to be controlled by your partner during a video chat. Because if there's one thing a person wants to see, it's a little robot touching its breast when they hear a man pretending to be a woman moaning "I'm touching my breast" when they're cybering. OMG -- cybering! Do people still do that? I remember when webcams were first catching on I thought there was more to it than just masturbating in front of your computer. SPOILER: there isn't. I dunno, I thought you were like plugged in or something. Nope, just a guy with his dong in his hand. "Wait -- a guy?" I was COMPARING.

Hit the jump for a short video of the absolutely not in action.

OriHime Robot Strikes Sexy Robot Poses [technabob]

Thanks to billy, who

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  • Holy shit this blog has fallen apart since the redesign. GW, you really fucked up. The comments aren't remotely funny anymore, the posts are retarded, and..you know, what.. Fuck it. I'm outtie. *drops mic*

  • is it wrong that i got metal

  • Now that's just weird.

  • Guest

    Broken Wings

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  • grimbldoo

    dat's hawt.


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