One Ring To Rule Them All: 'Enter Mordor' Finger Art

December 14, 2011


I thought the whole one ring quote in the title was kind of appropriate because it's finger art. And where do you wear rings? "I've got one stuck on my penis and I'm freaking out!" HA -- been there, done that. Just think about Gollum until you're limp then slip it off. These are some custom fingernail paintings by DeviantARTist Undomiele entitled 'Enter Mordor'. At first I thought they were just digital, but there's a video of her actually painting them after the jump. Granted you probably shouldn't watch it because it's entirely out of focus, but it is there for you nonbelievers. Me? I'm here for you true believers. Now on the count of three I want you to all drink your Kool-Aid.

Hit the jump for the video if you're interested. WARNING: Mostly out of focus.

Undomiele's DeviantART Page
One Does Not Simply Paint Mordor [neatorama]

Thanks to bb, who said her nails are pink with sparkles. You know, I like that about you.

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