Not My Job: Construction Workers Struggling To Stop An Out-Of-Control Concrete Buffer

December 21, 2011


This is a video of a baker's dozen construction workers (give or take a creme-filled) trying to stop a spinning concrete buffer at a job site. They...aren't very good at it. The first guy tries dowsing the engine with a bucket of water which, SURPRISE!, doesn't do shit. Then some guy comes at it with a giant wooden beam until another brainiac convinces him it would be better if they threw a tarp over the thing, which they do. The rest is just waiting for somebody to get hurt which, amazingly, doesn't happen. Personally, I would have taken a fall and applied for worker's comp.

Hit the jump for the I really could have done without the running commentary/wheezing.

These Workers Trying to Stop a Crazy Machine Are Hilariously Ineffective [gizmodo]

Thanks to Harrison and ben d. who, would've run in there and taken that swinging arm to the gut like real men.

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