Not My Job: Construction Workers Struggling To Stop An Out-Of-Control Concrete Buffer

December 21, 2011


This is a video of a baker's dozen construction workers (give or take a creme-filled) trying to stop a spinning concrete buffer at a job site. They...aren't very good at it. The first guy tries dowsing the engine with a bucket of water which, SURPRISE!, doesn't do shit. Then some guy comes at it with a giant wooden beam until another brainiac convinces him it would be better if they threw a tarp over the thing, which they do. The rest is just waiting for somebody to get hurt which, amazingly, doesn't happen. Personally, I would have taken a fall and applied for worker's comp.

Hit the jump for the I really could have done without the running commentary/wheezing.

These Workers Trying to Stop a Crazy Machine Are Hilariously Ineffective [gizmodo]

Thanks to Harrison and ben d. who, would've run in there and taken that swinging arm to the gut like real men.

  • gandolf77

    ok now lunch time!!!!!

  • RDarker

    This is why we don't have robots.

  • sdghie

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  • This' probably the first video I've seen on youtube where the uploaders commentary actually made it hilarious. Haha.

  • that's carpenters for ya. an electrician would have tried to snag the spark plug wire.

  • They threw a bucket of water on it to break it free, these concrete finishers i'm sure have done this a million times, they weren't clueless as to how to stop that power trowel,no one got hurt and they stopped the trowel in timely fashion,  what did these toilet jockeys(office workers) narrating the video think you're supposed to do to stop that machinery? those two dumbasses would gotten their jaw broken.

  • No, it's funny no matter who you are.

  • BeastmanAIDS

    "Here comes the big stick" and "They have now angered the machine... the machine is now angry" made me do penis wees.

  • Herrow

    That was one of the funniest videos I've ever seen on the blogosphere. The commentary was hilarious! I used to be a construction worker though, then I took an arrow to the knee.

  • Andrew R

     Was that a Skyrim reference I detected just there? haha, nice.

  • jaime_arg

    the audio is hilarious

  • zeldasbff

    Funny video but srsly do the commentators have emphysema?  My lungs hurt after listening to that.

  • Too many bong rips........

  • bow_dog

    Commentator is a douche.

  • I wonder which one was the dipshit who let go of it.
    I also wonder about the dipshit company who designed it without a brake release lever.

  • grimbldoo

    That thing must be pretty strong if the workers don't want to go up and grab it.

  • Dy7lan (the seven is silent)

    OMG That was great, I think two drops of pee came out!

  • this has to be the best fail video I have ever seen.

  • Guest

    ah that was just hilarious.
    They should also edit this video to play "The Hall of the Mountain King"  in the background.

  • Paulo Vinícius

    "In the Hall of the Mountain King" version

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