Norte Photoblocker: The Beer Cooler That Prevents Unwanted Photos (But Not Pregnancies)

December 9, 2011


The Photoblocker is a beer bucket from Norte beer that has a camera flash sensor that causes the bucket to fire its own flash, effectively ruining any photos taken in its direction. Because, as the company puts it, "what happens in the club, stays in the club." Great news, really (I just puked in a stairwell).

The device actually exists and works. It's been planted in a few regional bars and photoblocked pictures were still uploaded with the subjects well protected. Savvy club owners would do well to look into ways of acquiring more like these...However, there doesn't appear to be concrete plans to bring the device to North America.

There are two videos of the bucket in action after the jump, which seem to encourage infidelity and promiscuous behavior, neither of which I can condone. That said, I would let somebody try to take a picture of me sitting in another dude's lap just to see it work. Ready? Now pretend like we're kissing! *click* It didn't go off, did it? "Nope, waitress took the bucket to refill a couple minutes ago." we have to get married now or what?

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Brilliant Marketing: The Photoblocker Beer Cooler Keeps The Missus In The Dark [ohgizmo]

Thanks to Ed, who just wears a brown grocery bag over his head like a normal damn person.

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