New Suit Makes You Feel 75, Sorry For Old People

December 30, 2011


Seen here about to get creamed by a bus because they're too f***ing slow, a couple demonstrate their AGNES (Age Gain Now Empathy System) suits, which make them move and feel like crotchety 75-year olds. *waving cane* Kids these days, I...just shat myself again.

When you put AGNES on, it starts messing with more or less everything it can possibly mess with to simulate being old. For example, braces and bands and straps attach to all of your limbs, putting additional pressure on your joints to simulate joint stiffness, increased muscular fatigue, and slowed movements while making it harder to take large steps or raise your arms above your head. Earplugs and goggles simulate poor eyesight and hearing loss. You even put on special shoes that make you feel almost off-balance all the time.

The concept is that people designing products for old people will be able to better understand the geriatric demographic by actually experiencing what they do. Walking a mile in their orthopedic shoes, if you will. "Old people can't walk a mile!" Ha, I know, right? Plus they smell ooky.

Hit the jump for a video of the opposite of an exoskelton in action.

Reverse cybersuit makes you feel like you're 75 [dvice]

Thanks to c-nasty, who once tried making love wearing an old person suit but fell asleep on top of the sex doll before he finished.

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