New Anti-Riot Laser Rifle Produces '10-Ft Wall Of Light', Temporary Blindness

December 12, 2011


A new anti-riot laser rifle capable of producing a 3-meter (~10-ft) wall of temporarily-blinding light is set to be tested by British police forces in the coming months. If successful, rioting will become a thing of the past. Just kidding, but anarchy will require specialized eyewear.

Designed by a former Royal Marine Commando, it was originally developed for use against pirates in Somalia.

"The system would give police an intimidating visual deterrent. If you can't look at something you can't attack it."

Being targeted by the beam has been compared to staring into the sun before being forced to turn away.

Although the blinding effect is only temporary part of the trial will see scientists carry out further research on any potential side-effects.

Yeaaaaaaaah, that sounds like the kind of temporary blindness that could lead to permanent blindness. Thanks but no thanks, riot laser. If I go blind it's gonna be from masturbating like nature intended.

Police test for riot laser that can temporarily blind [bbcnews]

Thanks to Peter, who agrees the best way to prevent riots is to not have any professional sports teams.

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