Mulitasking: Homemade Steering Wheel Desks

December 9, 2011


We've seen steering wheel desks in the past, but never anything of this quality. I mean, it has cupholders. And -- AND -- an iPad stand. What is this, 2050? Is that a f***ing hover car?! Now granted the desk is only meant for use when in park, but is that gonna stop me from multitasking on the drive to work? No. Actually paying attention to the road so I don't get pulled over is. Get it? Because I don't have a license. Don't tell the po-po!

Hit the jump for a couple more crappy quality shots and a link to the Etsy product page.




Etsy Product Site

Thanks to bb, who agrees the best way to get from point A to point B is making out in the back of a cab. I'm down!

  • Tabitha Spears Vance

    I Need one. I do a lot a writing while I sit in the car waiting on my husband to get off work. Sometimes he works over and I don't like to waste time just sitting. I have tried to figure out how to make a table for my car but I haven't been able to get around the with the steering wheel in the way. Btw I don't even answer my phone while driving, I do pull over if I think it could be an important call that I have been waiting on.

  • Guest

    If the person wants to read or play on a tablet/phone while traveling to their destination, they should take the bus. So there's no worry about driving into a building while playing Angry Birds in an ironic crash.

  • Vladeon

    I lost all hope for humanity when I saw a guy in a suit driving on the highway with his iPad on his steering wheel, playing Angry Birds. I honked at him and flipped him an angry bird.

  • kengao1989

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  • Greg Gentis

    Maybe I'm going crazy, but I think there is a typo in the title. I see the first word as 'Mulitasking,' not 'Multitasking.' Unless this was a clever pun referring to typos while being distracted (driving). In which case, I'm a moron and kudos GW!

  • Your right.

  • Gloomfrost

    Stuff like this needs to come off the road. If you've got THAT many things to do, stay at home or work and do them. I like the cup holder but wait.. we already HAVE one in cars.. Plus, what happens when it spills!? Ouchies.

    Or what happens if you have to make a turn, especially hand-over-hand, it's a potential (quite a big one) hazard.

    Also, this will stimulate people modding their cars with cameras then steering them with their built in iPad instead of actually looking beyond 2ft at the real outside and using the wheel.

  • I doubt any of these are intended for on-the-road use.

    That said, the idea is great in concept but likely difficult to manage in application. I spend a good bit of time doing work in the car when on errands, and the steering column is (obviously) a major space killer. Looking at the size of these, I don't know many vehicles (other than compacts) where it wouldn't be more comfortable just to hop in the back seat.

    Edit: that is, the laptop version wouldn't be comfortable. The iPad & book desks would be awesome.

  • n11

    Just make sure your destination requires *no turns*.

  • Alexander0178

    Worst. Idea. Ever.

  • Audwin Short

    GREAT!!! Now when you run over a group of pedestrians while watching the new Lady Gaga video, you can instantly post it on YouTube...

    What's wrong with this country? Let me explain...

  • Purchased.

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