Mulitasking: Homemade Steering Wheel Desks

December 9, 2011


We've seen steering wheel desks in the past, but never anything of this quality. I mean, it has cupholders. And -- AND -- an iPad stand. What is this, 2050? Is that a f***ing hover car?! Now granted the desk is only meant for use when in park, but is that gonna stop me from multitasking on the drive to work? No. Actually paying attention to the road so I don't get pulled over is. Get it? Because I don't have a license. Don't tell the po-po!

Hit the jump for a couple more crappy quality shots and a link to the Etsy product page.




Etsy Product Site

Thanks to bb, who agrees the best way to get from point A to point B is making out in the back of a cab. I'm down!

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