Moving Pictures: Animated Comic Book Covers

December 2, 2011
animated-comic-1.gif animated-comic-2.gif

These are a couple animated gif comic book covers created by Kerry Callen. Because if there's one thing comic books have been missing, it's fragrance samples animated covers.

Follow the link to Kerry's site for Justice League and Batman ones.

Kerry's Website

Animated Comic Covers of Spidey, Demon in a Bottle, Dark Knight Returns

Thanks to The Superficial Writer, who bought a pair of x-ray specs out of the back of a comic and claims they work but only on dudes. a major bummer.

  • skrudrvr

    Is that guy frotting Ironman?

  • Smarticus Witherspoon

    It looks like the guy on the right is masturbating to Iron Man's head.

  • Ryan Dempsey

    They should link these on actual comic book covers for smart phone users.


  • Guest

    I do like the Batman cover, short, sweet, simple, and a dash of darkness.

  • Warning: excessive consumption of alcohol may result in adult-onset bobbleheadism.

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