Martial Arts Marriage: Ninja Attack Engagement Photos

December 15, 2011


Because themed engagement photos are all the rage these days (you crazy kids!), Geekologie Reader Sean K. and his bride-to-be decided to spice up their photoshoot in the park with a ninja attack. Aaaaaaaand these are those pictures. Because if there's one thing that brings a couple closer, it's killing a complete stranger together. Trust me (one time a date and I accidentally ran over a bum and she wanted to drive straight to Vegas to tie the knot).

Hit the jump for several more of the battle, but be sure to check out the link to the photographer's Flickr for the entire set (which may or may yes include a vagrant checking the dead ninja's pockets for cash!).








Photographer Ken Pryde's Flickr

  • Great photographs.. I'm happy to seen this interesting photographs..

  • interesting ...

  • Robin Deagle

    I used to be an adventurer like you...

  • lei_leviathan31

    a little gimmicky



  • kengao1989

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  • Marc-Olivier Lelièvre

    That girl sure can hold onto a jacket.

  • Guest

    Gay Mormon, ENGAGE!

  • Audwin Short

    Lame.  On my next engagement (and there will be many), we're gonna recreate the last action scenes from "I Robot", freefall and all!...

  • the idea is just great, but the execution is just plain sloppy. He really needed help with lighting and posing

  • Ken

    Thanks for the honest feedback Senen.
    Truth be told, this was my first time shooting posed scenes with people, and first time using a Speedlite. No cash for fancy equipment or elaborate set ups, we're just friends having a laugh in the woods, and it was a great learning experience :)

  • I thought the photos were fantastic Ken. In fact I was thinking if I ever needed special photos done in the future I would ask Betsy if I could hire you :) Of course I can't tell if anything is wrong with the lighting/camera since I'm not a professional but from an average person's point of view I think they are fantastic! I was thinking you must have one hell of a camera! The idea was very creative (just like them) and you can tell they are having a good time.

  • then i'd say for your first time you did extremely well. I understand the difficulty in using speedlights, they're quite hard to master and I can highly recommend Joe Mcnallys books or Dave Black's Ranch series 

    i've based my studies from both of them and they are wonderful photographers that dedicate themselves to speedlite usage.

    Also if you are based in NY I might be able to help with a shoot. you can contact me at

  • forgot to add, is another fantastic source of lightning info

  • Ken

    Thanks so much for the links, I'll look into them; sure they'll be a big help for me to improve my lighting techniques!

  • Jen Spragg

    wow... I actually thought this was going to turn into a troll-thread :) hooray for level-headed internets!  

  • Andyman7714

    But they just killed the photographer.

  • I bet he takes out ninjas better than he takes out the garbage.  Divorce in three years or less.

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