Man Loses Thumb, Has Replaced With Big Toe

December 5, 2011


2012 Thumb-Wresting World Champion -- I'm calling it.

This is James Byrne. PSYCHE -- it's just his hands. James lost his left thumb in a carpentry accident, and, after a botched attempt to reattach it, had it replaced with a big toe and NOT a lucky rabbit's foot despite that being the logical choice. Think of the lottery scratchers, bro!

Apparently, James' thumb was vital for his work, paver and plant operator, so the answer was easy for him.

The operation was a success, although he still can't fully move the thumb naturally: "I can't bend it yet but I hope to be able to do so soon. It rotates and I can give it a good wiggle. I am so, so pleased that I had it done. It is just such a relief that I'll be able to get back to work soon." He would have to return to surgery to remove the wires that currently secure the bones in place, but otherwise everything seems perfectly fine.

Fascinating, really. Can anyone tell me what those tattoos mean? Because my guess is not "safety first." Also, if James gives a movie two thumbs up is it more meaningful than if a regular person does?

This Man Had His Thumb Replaced By His Toe [gizmodo]

Thanks to Chase, who's never cut off a finger before but did cut off a lady in a Volvo once and got honked at.

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