Man Drops $16,000 For Virtual Video Game Sword

December 29, 2011


Seen here prior to (or possibly during) the inevitable onset of buyer's remorse, a Chinese man poses with the framed depiction of an in-game sword he purchased at auction for $16,000. The sword will exist in the yet-to-be-released martial arts themed MMORPG Age of Wulan, and will grant its owner mystical powers. Oooooooooor +5 against armored opponents. Will it be possible to kill his character online and claim the sword for yourself? At least one blogger plans to find out. I'm gonna sell that shit on eBay and buy a scooter!

This Guy Spent $16,000 On a Virtual Sword Before The Game Was Released [gizmodo]

Thanks to kirk, who bought online gold for World of Warcraft but never got it because he's a sucker. I TOOK YOUR MONEY AND RAN.

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