Man Dies After By Lethal Peen Enhancement Injection

December 12, 2011


Being added to the long list of ways I don't want to go, a New Jersey man died earlier this year after a back-alley peen enhancement injection from somebody with zero medical practice went horribly, horribly wrong. I know, I'm as shocked as you are. God, go buy some over-the-counter boner pills from the gas station like a normal person.

This incident took place on May 5 this year when the victim, Justin Street, visited Kasia Rivera, 34, at her home in New Jersey for a penis enhancement procedure, say the prosecutors.

The day after the pumping party, Street suffered a clot to the lungs and died. According to doctors, the death occurred due to silicone embolism, and Rivera has been charged with manslaughter.

I hope this serves as a lesson to the rest of you out there considering getting your penises pumped in somebody's living room with a Friends rerun on in the background. Before dropping your pants, just ask yourself, "Is this the episode where Chandler sees Rachel naked?" Yes or no, JUMP OUT A WINDOW AND RUN FOR YOUR PENIS'S LIFE.

Fake Woman Doctor Arrested After Injecting Silicone into Man's Genitals, Killing him [ibt]

Thanks to grower_not_a_show-er (sure you are!) and Brand, who agree two extra inches isn't worth your life.

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