Man Arrested For Taxidermy-ing Together Mutant Animals From Illegal/Endangered Species

December 21, 2011


Miami dead animal artist Enrique Gomez De Molina was recently arrested and faces up to 5-years in jail and $250K in fines after illegally smuggling in the remains of rare and endangered animals to make his Frankensculptures. For shame, Enrique! How much for a female mannequin with the head of a dinosaur?

According to the report, he is charged with possessing the skins of a Java kingfisher, collared kingfisher, bird of paradise, and juvenile hawk-eagle as well as the carcasses of a slow loris and a mouse deer, all from Indonesia.

The artist had not obtained the required permits to import the animal parts, and police claim De Molina knew what he was doing was illegal as he asked the people he bought them from to wrap them in carbon paper, according to the MN Times.

The artist claims that he aimed to raise awareness with his work to the danger faced by a range of species...

Ah yes, the old "raise awareness by partaking in the same practices responsible for the animal's near extinction in the first place". Now that is what I call ART. A piece made from the very thing it speaks against. Reminds me of my most recent project. It was called 'PLEASE DON'T STINK'. And? And was just 'PLEASE DON'T STINK' spelled out really big on the carpet in dog turds. "Jesus -- what the hell is wrong with you?" I'm ahead of my time!

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Are these the sickest stuffed animals ever? Now artist faces JAIL over taxidermy [dailymail]

Thanks to Joanna, who agrees there's probably a reason Noah didn't let these freaks on the ark. Maybe not a good reason, but a reason.

  • Anita Chowdry

    I find taxidermy rather disturbing in any case - it seems a very disrespectful way to treat the remains of sentient creatures. More so in the case of these grotesques, which are little more than a rather callous form of recreation presented as art. Using rare creatures simply encourages poaching and more suffering - it has nothing to redeem it.

  • Jay

    Glad this guy was arrested... now I just hope they actually prosecute and give him a nice big penalty!!

  • Cya

    Being a part of the problem to show the problem, sounds terrible. It's a good thing you didn't publish a bunch of his work in the article essentially doing the same thing, right?

  • pjthelogan

    I don't understand. He's a taxidermist. He works with DEAD animals! Who cares if they're endangered if they're already dead?! What's so wrong about using the skin of dead endangered animals?

  • Souris

    Impressive how you miss the entire point of endangered species laws. Heres a hint: they aren't instituted mainly to prevent trafficking in *live* animals...

  • pjthelogan

    I can't miss the point of something I don't know, mainly because I don't care! Sorry Ace! Shikaka!

    Ps. by the way that's stupid. If an animal is dead who cares what you do with it. Dust to Dust.

  • J. Spagna

    When things are bought and sold in 'dead' form, then people will take the live versions and dead-ify them. It's pretty obvious why trafficking dead stuff is dangerous to the live ones.

  • pjthelogan

    eh, that's speculative. You can't be sure of that. People take road kill all the time and use it for whatever purpose. Maybe if you could prove it was dead for a while.

  • Jay

    Seriously?! You really think J Spagna's comment isn't accurate?! You're a moron.

  • Krist Martin

    Well we don't know if the specimens he came into possession of weren't dead of natural causes. Many Indonesian tribes (14 in all) collect dead animals or hunt them legally, I think that unless the prosecutors can prove that he went out and killed these animals on his own, the only thing they can get him for is not having the appropriate permits.

  • Carolyn Watson Dubisch

    Artists have gotten into trouble using certain kinds of feathers that they have found hiking. If the animal is endangered it's illegal. Any artist using bones, leather, fur, must be careful. The circumstances of the animal's death are irrelevant.

  • Souris

    That's why he was supposed to have documentation. If he obtained them legally, he would have it.

  • ricky kruger

    they are amazing. the author of this report is slightly silly.....for shame? really? why? i get probably have a dog and love animals...they are dead...i hope he does it with humans..he can have my body when I die.

  • Jessica Benjamin

    Cool! I mean terrible! But cool!

  • dsdsd


  • I think they look amazing, although it's horrible to be using endangered animals. These things are cool! They're like Pokemon! <3

  • It's quite interesting to see actual art like this, I have seen flyers for a particular night that incorporates a mixture of animals in the past and it intrigued me, never knew there were artists doing this too. I understand it is wrong illegally doing it with nearly extinct animals but isn't art supposed to be controversial, such as Von Hagen's plastniation?

  • Monochromatyczny Wojownik

    whoaa, that duckface is too unrealistic, obvious fake

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