'Little Drummer Boy' By Robot Drummer And Scanner

December 22, 2011


This is a video of Christmas classic 'Little Drummer Boy' being performed by a robotic drummer and computer scanner. Would I have liked to attend the performance? Yes. "WHAT THE?" With a baseball bat. "Whew." And a topless blonde. "That's more like it." And a flask. "Now there's the Geekologie Writer we've all come to love and hate!"

Hit the jump for the still better than my nephew's choir performance (it's cool, he can't read yet). Also, clicking the snowflake at the bottom of any Youtube video makes it start snowing. WHEEEE, LET'S MAKE F***ING SNOW ANGELS IN SOME CAT VIDEOS!

WTFriday [tosh.0]

Thanks to bb, who has breasts that could make the baby Jesus cry and will obviously be playing the roll of topless blonde in this little production of mine.

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