LEGO/Nintendo, Get On This: LEGO Legend Of Zelda

December 22, 2011


This is a rendering of Link and some of his various swords/weapons (more after the jump) created by LEGO/Zelda lover Michael Inglis. Michael has actually been 3-D printing his own Zelda accessories for awhile, but hopes LEGO and Nintendo might rub butts in the future and produce some real, licensed playsets. OMG, yes! Then -- THEN -- they could make a LEGO Zelda video game but instead of being 3-D like the rest of them will be an HD reboot of the original AAAAAH BONER BONER BONER.

Hit the jump for some more accessories, a stop-motion LEGO/Zelda movie Michael made a couple years ago, as well as the link to the "petition" which LEGO will review if it collects 10,000 likes.



LEGO Legend of Zelda [lego]
Help This Man Make LEGO Zelda a Reality [kotaku]

Thanks to Greg, who's been making and selling his own LEGO Mario playsets for years and doesn't care who knows it. Oh really? Then you won't mind me giving everyone your full name and email addr-- "DO IT AND DIE." Haha! Send me one of everything you've got.

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