LEGO 'Friends': A LEGO Toy Line For Girls

December 15, 2011


LEGO, realizing they dun goofed targeting their entire product line to boys, is releasing a line of playsets in 2012 targeted specifically to little ladies. It's called 'Friends', which is a terrible name but I can look past that because I just saw a guy pushing an ice cream cart like a block further. *running out the door* Mickey face and an orange push-pop!

Lego Friends features five female minifig characters who are -- you guessed it -- friends. Their occupations include designer, musician, veterinarian and inventor, and there are playsets for both home and work.

Hey, anything's better than playing with Barbie, amirite? WRONG. I know a lot of people want to give Barbie a bad rap for her unrealistic proportions and shit, but come on, I had some beefy looking G.I. Joe's growing up and I'm fat as f*** right now. Never once have I starved myself or worked out in a gym. That's all true. Besides, there are plenty of other things worse for a girl to be playing with. Namely: matches or a parent's handgun. Food for thought. "You're retarded." They said only borderline!

Hit the jump for a sampling of the future sets.








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Thanks to Mark, who once built a sick-ass LEGO pirate ship but tried playing with it in the bathtub and wound up clogging the drain with minifigs during a whirlpool scene.

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