LEGO 'Friends': A LEGO Toy Line For Girls

December 15, 2011


LEGO, realizing they dun goofed targeting their entire product line to boys, is releasing a line of playsets in 2012 targeted specifically to little ladies. It's called 'Friends', which is a terrible name but I can look past that because I just saw a guy pushing an ice cream cart like a block further. *running out the door* Mickey face and an orange push-pop!

Lego Friends features five female minifig characters who are -- you guessed it -- friends. Their occupations include designer, musician, veterinarian and inventor, and there are playsets for both home and work.

Hey, anything's better than playing with Barbie, amirite? WRONG. I know a lot of people want to give Barbie a bad rap for her unrealistic proportions and shit, but come on, I had some beefy looking G.I. Joe's growing up and I'm fat as f*** right now. Never once have I starved myself or worked out in a gym. That's all true. Besides, there are plenty of other things worse for a girl to be playing with. Namely: matches or a parent's handgun. Food for thought. "You're retarded." They said only borderline!

Hit the jump for a sampling of the future sets.








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Thanks to Mark, who once built a sick-ass LEGO pirate ship but tried playing with it in the bathtub and wound up clogging the drain with minifigs during a whirlpool scene.

  • anon

    This is not "welcoming girls into computer science" but rather the opposite - saggregating girls from early age to feel they are not part of the game. Listen to this one: and part two explaining what the problem is:

  • Amazing, the Lego gives a toy range for girls as we can see over here. I liked the selection of toys which you have been distributed over here. I would really like to buy these for my little relative sibling.

  • I always love to play with these kind of LEGO toys. You have been given very cool collection of LEGO toys over here. It would be very interesting to play.

  • asnol4

    My 7 year old daughter loves playing with legos,  however, she doesn't find the Pirates, Kingdom, Atlantis, Ninjago and Alien Conquest lines interesting.  She saw the commercial for Lego friends today and got so excited.  Say what you want, sexist or not, but some girls actually do like "girly" stuff.  When she saves her money to buy legos (as expensive as they can be), at least she will have a choice now.  

  • zeldasbff

    This isn't LEGO.  This is what happens when LEGO gets spilled into the toy box and you incorporate all of the toys because you're 5 and that's how you play.

    This set annoys me because the majority of pieces are not customizable... like if you took the few blocks that are actually removable off that quad, what would you be left with?  A quad with no handlebars?  Hmm didn't LEGO's slogan used to be "just imagine"?

  • Guest

    Why do people always have to b*tch about something!?!   If you don't like them, the don't buy them.  I, for one, think they are adorable!  I actually went out today and bought two sets for my little girl.  She is going to LOVE them!  (And, yes, she plays with the 'boy' Legos, too.) Get off your liberal, feminist high horse, and find something else more constructive to complain about.

  • CJ Starling

    Why not just make a pastel color set of  blocks for the girls who may prefer and drop the "Lego Friends" idea completely!!!

  • Lego has tried to market to girls before with their Belleville line....

  • Here is a good article/interview with NPR regarding this topic:

    My son is wild about Lego, but my daughter is more "ehh" about them.  She loves dolls and the associated roll playing.  Before releasing this line of toys, Lego did a lot of research to figure out the difference between how boys and girls play.  I don't think it is sexist, I just think it is reality.  Anything that gives little girls more play options and encourages them to build and be creative is positive in my opinion.

  • I'll stick to real Lego, thanks. 

  • Paul Metcalfe

    Just seen this new line,I have a five year old grand daughter who loves lego,but she also plays with her moms 1980's collection of polly pockets, the lego girls remind me of them a bit,so I guess she will like them.Just hope the UK prices are reasonable or else wont bother to buy!

  • southwick7320

    Legos are a terrible unisex toy.  Go to your store and try to find sets with women minifigs.  I am a guy and went shopping to get legos for our God-daughters bday.  She really likes the city sets.  I think I found 2 with a lady mini-fig.  So I started looking around, and yep, almost every set had all male mini-figs.  A business lady or tavern wench may be found here and there. 

    I am not sure this is the best way to address the issue, simply including more female mini-figs may have worked just as well.

  • Amanda Padgett

    Why is it in sets like these that the black friend is always the diva singer, actor, etc. hahahahaha

  • lorobird

    this would be a great idea, if it wasn't so gender-binary and limiting.

    so seeing as girls don't play with LEGOs...

    oh, wait a second! we do! we did! LEGO is freaking awesome! it's just that we had to play with our brothers' because nobody ever thought we might be interested in LEGOs. but, ok, let's leave that aside.

    seeing most girls don't receive LEGOs as presents, because adults like simple worlds were everyone is typecasted, and like to teach girls how to have babies and cook and iron when they are 2...

    we need to make up a NEW, GIRLY set of legos! with FRIENDS! because girls can't play Star Wars or pirates. girls are wussies, and can't deal with conflict.

    two interesting things:

    - the building, adventurous aspect of LEGO in these sets is completely lost, seeing as:

    a) the characters have their own names and distinct looks (like bratz or barbie or polly pocket), so their bodies and heads and hats are not interchangeable.

    b) instead of getting a shit ton of building blocks and awesome ideas to build ships and cities, we get... a limited number of building blocks, in appropriately girl-coloured themes, with very limited possibilities (to build what we are SUPPOSED to build - remember, never trust a woman to have creative, engineering skills!)

    - 4 white characters, 1 brown character. minorities of the world! stay in your place! especially if you are a woman minority.

    thank god one of them is an inventor and not a seamstress (not that there's anything wrong in that; making clothes is excellent too, fellow fabric-lovers).

    more intersting shit: - VETERINARIAN! it's funny how boys don't get veterinarian toys aimed at them, while girls are typecasted / taught to be veterinarians (e.g. barbie) or nurses since childhood (see also the costume department). as opposed to being taught to (want to) become a doctor.

  • Tiffany Ameral

    I for one love the abundance of violence based themes in boy's toys, we're really setting them up for a life of success by teaching them to just punch or shoot their way out of a situation.

  • Guest

    Rather annoying to see another gender specific product. It's really teaching kids what their suppose to like or how to live instead of making their own preference. It's not just the toys but also this human society.

    Do note that a toy's purpose is to stimulate and educate the growing mind.

  • Grue

    Wait - shouldn't the minifig in the kitchen be barefoot and pregnant?
    Besides, these figures aren't slutty enough.  Girls want non-creative, slutty toys they can emulate.  Make them  diamond-studded skanks with giant heads like those Bratz dolls. 

  •  So...I always thought leggos were a pretty good unisex toy.....These sets are boarderline insulting.  There is not nearly as much building and creativity required to play with these sets as there is with the standard block set.

  • Sean Patrick Stevens

    Wheres the lego kitchen?

  • Hayley Prychun Rodgers

    It's called Belville. I had a horse set like 16 years ago. They had a whole doll houses and everything. It's not new, and it looks lame. Honestly. I loved legos as a kid and I am all female. The main reason I got the "for girls" set is the figures were more posable and it had horsies.

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