Lazy Licensing: Diesel's DC Comics Underwear

December 2, 2011


BOOM -- faceful of privates!

Diesel is selling these $34 (A PAIR!) boxer briefs with designs from DC Comics superheroes (plus the Joker, who they actually call a hero). They all suck (except the Batman ones, which I must have) and the designs hardly look worth the money it cost to license the characters from DC. Seriously, I'd rather wear novelty Christmas boxers, and that's saying a lot because I F***ING HATE seasonal underwear. You know the feeling you get in March when you realize all your underwear are dirty except for the one pair of Santa boxers? "The feeling of going commando instead?" Haha -- you do! *high-five*

Hit the jump for better crotch shots of all four versions: Batman, The Flash (appropriate!!!!1), Green Lantern and The Joker, as well as a worthwhile 'WTF were you thinking?' commercial for the shit-stains.





Diesel Product Site
Diesel x DC Comics Boxers Feature Superpowers of Their Own! [comicsalliance]

Thanks to Jill, who wears panties because she's a lady. *teeheehee!*

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