Lazy Licensing: Diesel's DC Comics Underwear

December 2, 2011


BOOM -- faceful of privates!

Diesel is selling these $34 (A PAIR!) boxer briefs with designs from DC Comics superheroes (plus the Joker, who they actually call a hero). They all suck (except the Batman ones, which I must have) and the designs hardly look worth the money it cost to license the characters from DC. Seriously, I'd rather wear novelty Christmas boxers, and that's saying a lot because I F***ING HATE seasonal underwear. You know the feeling you get in March when you realize all your underwear are dirty except for the one pair of Santa boxers? "The feeling of going commando instead?" Haha -- you do! *high-five*

Hit the jump for better crotch shots of all four versions: Batman, The Flash (appropriate!!!!1), Green Lantern and The Joker, as well as a worthwhile 'WTF were you thinking?' commercial for the shit-stains.





Diesel Product Site
Diesel x DC Comics Boxers Feature Superpowers of Their Own! [comicsalliance]

Thanks to Jill, who wears panties because she's a lady. *teeheehee!*

  • No One

    I gotta say it. I wear Diesel underwear and bought the Joker ones (14 bucks amazon). Diesel underwear are the most comfortable and last 2-3 times longer than shitty generic ones. But the important part is that they don't bunch, bind, stretch out, fade, unravel and give me more support than regular briefs and have shorter legs so they don't ride like boxers. I get that you don't like them, not for everyone but buy a pair on clearance and wear them a few times. Yeah I know I sound like an add but I'm not I fucking hate Diesel shoes and their jeans are overpriced :P

  • ClaV

    HAHA so funny, those a*ses turning! But really, you're right: The Flash, really? Come on, guys, you can do better than that! Hahahaha

  • DapperNathaniel

    That video seems to have been designed by people who have never seen DC comics...

  • Nathan Truitt

    I'm drunk as fuck and this still doesn't look like it's worth it.

  • jimmy chen

    for fuck sakes
    update your shit already
    its been 3 days

  • You do know it's the weekend don't you?
    There are very rarely posts on a weekend.
    You're new here aren't you?

  • MeditatingNinja


  • squeezoid

    forget the underwear.. gimme the guy XD .. i want one like that for christmas.... mine doesnt look like that D:

  • Those photos would have been much improved if he hadn't been wearing those stupid boxer briefs.

  • GirlFromSpace

    I still fapped to it. :-/

  • Guest

    "In time of uncertainty  heroes will rise. Get ready to show them what you've got."


  • OMG Why do I want THE FLASh  underwear, what is that saying....

  • Guest

    Who did the voice over? Calypso?

  • Why spend that much on underwear when you can just go commando for free?

  • SonicAlligator

    So... DO the Flash and Green Lantern ones glow in the dark, because that WTF video sure made them seem like they do. In that case, SIGN ME UP FOR A GLOWING COCK.

  • Guest

    I bought glow in the dark boxers off Etsy. ( makeitgoodpdx was the store.)

  • 6pool

    Under black light they glow, but you wouldn't want that.

  • yea, who knew crabs glow under a black light.... =/

  • xericus

    Me. I knew that already. :(

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