Jumping Cockroach Can Leap 50x Body-Length

December 9, 2011


You get down from there this instance! (Instance is the new instant btw)

Cockroaches: they don't really bother me. You live with something long enough and you just kind of get used to them. Now I'm not saying I've gone and named them, but I can recognize a couple by sight. Look -- there goes Mel! "That...was definitely a name." Okay so maybe I did do that.

Called a leaproach, the insect only infrequently scuttles like a regular roach. The rest of the time it uses two powerful hind legs with spring-loaded knees to rocket above fields of sedge grass.

About 4,000 species of cockroaches are known to science, and all but the leaproach scuttle on the ground.

The new study reveals the leaproach uses its legs much like grasshoppers do, and yet - ounce for ounce - the leaproach far out-jumps locusts. While a grasshopper can jump up to 20 body lengths, a leaproach can sail forward 48 body lengths.

Sure fleas still win the body-length to leap-distance contest, but they're disgusting and I don't want to talk about them. "These are just as bad!" No, they're not. If you think a jumping cockroach is bad, imagine a cockroach that can burrow under your skin and eat freckles. See? Not so bad now.

Hit the jump for the oh shit, we've got a jumper!

Eek, Jumping Cockroaches Can Cover More than 50 Times Their Body Length in a Single Leap [gizmodo]

Thanks to Colin, who can almost jump 1x his body length. Impressive!

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