It's Dangerous To Go Alone, Want Some Company?: Hacked Legend Of Zelda Marriage Proposal

December 5, 2011


A Zelda-loving couple recently got engaged after brobro hacked an emulated version of The Legend of Zelda to display a "will you marry me?" screen upon entering the cave at the beginning to collect your wooden sword. *sobbing uncontrollably* Always an usher, never even a groomsman.

We had been playing the original Legend of Zelda on an emulator the previous weekend. (My fiance owns the original NES cartridge too, but the emulator makes hacking easier.) A few nights before, he and his roommate finished it, so he asked if I wanted to do the second quest. I said sure, so he turned on the computer and I started playing. When I entered the cave with the old man, (who normally says "It's dangerous to go alone. Take this!") who gives you a sword, it instead said what you see in the picture above. I looked over at my fiance; he was kneeling and holding a heart container made out of Legos. The ring was inside. Obviously I said yes!

Edit: Many of you have asked if we are planning on doing a Zelda wedding. I think that's a bit too nerdy for us...

AHAHHAHAHAHA @ "I think that's a bit too nerdy for us". You already had a Zelda themed wedding proposal. If you think for one second dude isn't gonna try cutting the cake with a Master Sword replica you've got another thing coming. Probably fairy-in-a-bottle wedding table decorations. F***, that's actually a good idea!

Hit the jump for a shot of the LEGO heart container ring "box".


My boyfriend proposed to me by hacking Zelda! [ign]

Thanks to Wilmersama, who plans on proposing by hacking an ATM to have enough money to buy a ring.

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