I Don't Even Recognize You!: Disney Princess Punks

December 12, 2011


This is a series of punkified Disney princesses. Who knew a couple tattoos, piercings and a band t-shirt would make such a change? I didn't even recognize half of them because I don't watch Disney cartoons they look so different. Except Areola here, I'd recognize her anywhere. "You mean Ariel?" Who?

Hit the jump for a bunch more.








Punk Disney Princesses

Thanks to Tom, who once caught a Disney princess shopping at Hot Topic and tried to take a camera phone picture but wound up with a blurry shot of novelty hoodies instead.

  • Fercho

    Mulan all the way.

  • monica grey

    hate you for being awesome. damn your eyes.

  • I like the idea of radically changing their image but they could have varied it a bit. They just slapped skull tatoos on most  em and a band tee shirt. 

    I like the idea  but it's not there yet

  • daiya

    Maybe it's just because I don't care for gauges and excessive tattoos, but I think these are stupid. Also, old news: these have been all over tumblr for the better part of a year. And they were stupid even back then.

  • AAAAAAAAH Pocahontas is so awesome, I love her and A Day To remember!! <3

  • RebBoom

    The one making the weird face at the flowers is Jane from Tarzan. 

  • Guest

    Beast and Belle . . . Hardcore couple . . . \m/

  • I did my own version of the princesses, including Princess Peach
    check it out!

  • Tom R

    Little whores.

  • Brittany Gordon

    Mulan, Prince-Beast and, naturally, Pocahontas are totally hot. Megara gets a point for the t-shirt but she's always been the ugliest of the Disney gals.

  • whacko

    Amazing Photoshop skills, simply amazing! 
    Someone must have spent all of 5 minutes putting those together. 


  • They don't seem necessarily punk but erm...interesting idea?

  • A Day To Remember is not punk, just sayin.

  • They were very much modern Florida punk a couple of albums ago. But not anymore I suppose.

  • A Day To Remember is terrible,  regardless of genre.

  • Gabriel VanDamme

    why the FUCK do you give a shit?
    'cuz if you don't "like" them you shouldn't just put a FUCKing comment about your OOOOHH SOOOO misunderstanding feelings, it's not like anybody gives a FUCKing FUCK about you LOW LIFE opinion!

    sincerely, people who actually give a fuck about REAL music!
    ps : if you have a pet or something you love, it won't live long if I find you, FUCKTARD!

  • CantBanThis

    what a whiny (tasteless) bitch.

  • i have forgotten all about this day you speak of 

  • AGirlNamedMichael

    What's so great about a bunch of screenshots from classic movies that have been poorly photoshopped?  I'd be more impressed if they were hand-drawn.  Besides, with the recent influx of Disney Princess "satire" pieces of art that have flooded the internet lately, this subject is less than creative.

  • Pocahontas aka poke a hot ass.  damn girl you lookin good

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